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Decorating with Blush & Navy

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Our Seattle interior design team sat down last week to talk color, and trust me… it was a very lively conversation! We realized that we all had different color preferences, and started having philosophical discussions about the impact color has on us emotionally. That discussion inspired the concept of putting color stories together to talk more in depth about why certain color palettes work aesthetically, and the moods they invoke.

For our first color story, we decided to talk about BLUSH PINK (warm version of pale pink). In general, pale pink has feminine connotations of prettiness and sweetness, which most people tend either hate or truly love. However, warming up that color to more of a blush tone, softens and dulls it a bit, which makes it far more versatile when working within a color palette.

So we started playing around with blushy tones within The Phinery Home Store to see if we could transform this transient, trendy color to an accent shade with some staying power. We quickly discovered blush’s connection to the color navy, which adds the sophistication, richness, and drama that blush needs as a counterpart.

When you think about adding blush you your color scheme you might think: ‘its too feminine’ or ‘my husband won’t like it’ – that is where navy comes in. Navy adds a masculine feel that compliments the softness and warmth of blush pink perfectly. As a duo, they can be paired with tones most people already have in their home: creams and greys, natural wood, metallics, sandy/beige hues and even black accents.

Ready to incorporate Blush Pink and Navy into your home decor? We’ve come up with a few tips on how to do it. Whether you think you can get away with blush at the forefront of your scheme OR you’d rather make navy the star, here’s how to do it:

Pillows: Adding a few navy and blush pillows or a throw blanket to your sofa is an easy way to incorporate these colors right off the bat without a huge commitment. Try mixing up prints and solids, and incorporate neutral tones.

Flowers: A small vase of blush pink flowers on a few coffee table books is a great way to test the color in your space. Try to choose books that have green, navy, or neutral jackets.

FurnitureA navy piece of furniture (like a dining credenza or sofa) is a great way to add some color and drama to your room. Remember – navy is a neutral! It will complement the rest of the neutrals that already live in your home.

Small Décor: Items like vases, trays, and frames are another easy way to infuse your space with navy and blush.

Paint & Wallpaper: If you’re looking for a big change, don’t be afraid to paint or install wallpaper. A pale blush wall looks ultra sophisticated, and creates a warm, light and bright room. Just remember to choose warm pinks and incorporate that navy 🙂

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